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Jürgen Schreiter Globetrotter Tours

July 6, 2012


About SMS Frankfurt Agency
founded in 1989 which is specialized in Media-Production:

Since 2000 Juergen Schreiter travels the world and started his adventure tours and global incentives.

More general info you find on some Business Networks, Facebook, Twitter and his Blog and YouTube Channel:


MOTORSPORT NEWS | Allgäu-Orient-Rallye 2012

May 25, 2012

7. ALLGAEU-ORIENT RALLY 2012 is over
Finishing in Baku/Azerbaijan followed by the ceremony in Wadi Rum/Jordan

One of the last automobile adventures of this World, the old and youngtimer rally from the Allgäu region in southern Germany to the Orient and specifically to Baku in Azerbaijan was started 28th of April 2012 for the seventh time in Oberstaufen.
It was also in the year 2012 the Low Budget Rally for the people, who dream of participating in a calculable adventure. The rally is a cheap alternative for Paris-Dakar for strong Teams and good mooded people.

Jürgen Schreiter from SMS-Frankfurt participated in this years Allgaeu-Orient Rally for the first time with the CaBa Racing Team.

The Challenge:
2 Weeks – 13 Countries – 6,000 Kilometer and
No Highways – No Toll Roads – No Ferry Boats – No GPS!

Some first impressions on


Expatriate Community for Expats in Frankfurt

July 20, 2011

„Expats new in Town | Frankfurt and Rhine-Main-Region for Expats”
International Expat Community Group | Easy Expat Community “New in Town”

Meet fellow Expats from Frankfurt’s international community on our regulary events!
Our aim is to bring local people and Expats together to have fun with different sport, party, travel and social events, meet up with new people in the Frankfurt and the Rhine-Main-Area.

We organize events or just bring people together for some sport like running, mountain biking, biking, triathlon, hiking, basketball, beach volleyball, biking, climbing, swimming, inline skating, camping and travel.

Right now we are still working on our own website, so please visit our group more often for news and upcoming events.
We also have a LinkedIn- and Facebook Group for our Events, where you can register for our events and to get news for our Parties and other Gatherings.

For further questions or information, please feel free to contact me directly on Facebook:​iter

Get connected with our Frankfurt guide for expatriates with expat communities worldwide. Join your local expatriate community to connect with us in the Social Network you like best… XING (Online Party Network), LinkedIn, Facebook. Hope to meet you there soon!


The Influence Project

August 10, 2010

> The Influence Project!
You have more influence as you think…

Check it out and invite your friends too:



Jürgen Schreiter

September 25, 2009

Jürgen Schreiter “sms trade,cd-kopie,cd-copy,dvd-produktion,dvd-kopie,dvd authoring, video produktion, events, medien produktion, Werbung Frankfurt” – Business Networking on Ecademy

Jürgen R. Schreiter exhibits his photographic artwork, which has been changed substantially or has even been arranged and produced on the computer, in a very particular way. ”The changes of classical photography towards digital compositions allow completely new creations as well as a wider and different range of photography. The computer can be regarded not only as a tool, but also as a new medium to present associations.“ QuickTime-movie is able to simulate vivid impressions as well as the play with shadow. What has been distributed to different objects in the exhibition, has been put together into a video.

”With the following pieces of work I would like to show how far objects and forms change by using different colours. The 3D-artwork is based on digital photography. By leaving a gap between picture and the covering foil, a vivid impression is created, which is further increased through the play with shadow, depending on the effect of light. By using further transparent layers this effect is further reinforced.“ Apart from the 3D-artwork Jürgen R. Schreiter will also present some of his digital paintings, compositions and light installations as well as experiments with new materials and free experiments.

More about Jürgen R. Schreiter visit his blog:
and on

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