Trip Adviser – Reisetipps

September 16, 2010

Trip Advises – Reisetipps
In this section we want to tell you the truth about Travel Companies, Airlines, Hotels, Local Tour Operators, Venues, Restaurants and Countries! — Please feel free to send us also your stories and recommendations!

We start right here with our first comment about a Mongolian Tour Operator “Gerel-Ust” which is simple to horrible not to be named here.
In our case the Mongolian Tour Operator Gerel Ust really ripped us off!
First the owner Joachim Göttel didn’t even show up with his team for our first couple of days of our trip, so we were totally on our own and had even to look for an substitute which we had to pay on our own. Once he did finally turn up – he did his best to unsatisfy our group by being not only unpolite, information about our program and service he propably never even heard himself about. Lunch came more than one our late – water and other drinks he didn’t even provide at all… oh sorry, some drinks came – WARM BEER! Imagine and this in the heat of the Mongolian summer! Very professional – At the end it went even better… We was even asking for more money for his “EXTRA SERVICE” – wonder what the extra service was?
So dont even think about to try this Tour operator “Gerel Ust


Frau Udvaa Jambaldorj
Herr Joachim Göttel
P.O.Box 1581, Ulaanbaatar 211 213, Mongolia

For Tours and Visits to Mongolia we would recommend to visit the official website:


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