Trekking-/Adventure: Almaty to Lake Issyk Kul

August 3, 2010

Tien Shan: Almaty to Lake Issyk Kul

9 Days

Region: Kasakhstan and Kyrghyzstan, Northern Tien Shan, Zailiyskiy Alatau and Kungey Ala Too ranges.
Activity: trekking, excursion.
Trip Category: regular
Difficulty: easy, no need of special skill (kids from 14 years old are allowed).
Season: June to September.

Tien Shan – “The Sky Mountains” is one of the world’s biggest and highest (up to 7,439 m – peak Pobeda) mountain land on the south of Central Asia where virtually all kinds of mountain outdoors are possible – from easy trekking to extremely difficult mountaineering. The entire area keeps ecological purity and untouched wild nature so far.

Popular trekking route leads from the former capital of Kazakhstan – the city of Almaty, which is situated on the pedestal of the Zailiyskiy Alatau range, Northern Tien Shan – to the one of the world’s biggest and deepest mountain lake – beautiful Issyk Kul. The route crosses 2 mountain ranges – the abovementioned Zailiyskiy Alatau – and Kungey Ala Too: Almaty – Big Almaty Lake, Bolshaya Almaatinka gorge (by car) – Ozerniy Pass (3507 m, easy trail, N/C CD) – Chong Kemin gorge – Northern Aksuu pass (4052 m, 1A* CD, possible snow-covered) – Chong Aksuu gorge – Grigorievka village (Issyk Kul lake, 1600 m).

Day 1: Arrival to Almaty. Hotel accommodation.

Day 2: Transfer to the Bolshoye  Almaty Lake. Tent camp.

Day 3: Hike up to the Ozerniy pass. Camping on the alpine meadow.

Day 4: Crossing the Ozerniy pass (N/C, 3507 m). Descent to the Kemin river gorge. Trekking to the Jassik Kul Lake.

Day 5: Day of rest. Excursions in the neighbourhood of Jassik Kul lake.

Day 6: Hike up to Northern Aksuu pass. Camping near the end of Aksuu glacier.

Day 7: Crossing the Northern Aksuu pass (1A CD, 4052 m), descent to Chong Aksuu river gorge.

Day 8: Hike down the Chong Aksuu river. Transfer to Cholpon Ata. Rest on Issyk Kul lake. Return to Almaty. Hotel accommodation.

Day 9: Half-day excursion to the Medeo skate stadium and Chimbulak skiing resort. Departure from Almaty.

Group: min. 4 / max. 8 people
Single tours possible
Price on request: www.incentives-worldwide.com


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