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Jürgen Schreiter

September 25, 2009

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Jürgen R. Schreiter exhibits his photographic artwork, which has been changed substantially or has even been arranged and produced on the computer, in a very particular way. ”The changes of classical photography towards digital compositions allow completely new creations as well as a wider and different range of photography. The computer can be regarded not only as a tool, but also as a new medium to present associations.“ QuickTime-movie is able to simulate vivid impressions as well as the play with shadow. What has been distributed to different objects in the exhibition, has been put together into a video.

”With the following pieces of work I would like to show how far objects and forms change by using different colours. The 3D-artwork is based on digital photography. By leaving a gap between picture and the covering foil, a vivid impression is created, which is further increased through the play with shadow, depending on the effect of light. By using further transparent layers this effect is further reinforced.“ Apart from the 3D-artwork Jürgen R. Schreiter will also present some of his digital paintings, compositions and light installations as well as experiments with new materials and free experiments.

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September 18, 2009

We are your perfect partner when it comes to extraordinary events, incentives or adventures.
We design and develop individual and special events for your company or your personal adventure trip. Our groups have a maximum size of not more than 8 – 10 participants and all trips are provided with English speaking guides. Our guides and local tour operators speak at least one other language usually English, German and French.

The range of our events reach from culturalgourmetsport to action and does not end with survival. You can combine different interests or just specialize in one theme, it all depends on your individual trip design and your budget. Accommodation is available from typical hotels of the region up to first class hotels such as four and five stars as well as mini hostels and home stays in local families.

Our following portfolio gives you a brief idea of the wide range of our event agency.

– Adventure-Trips with the Vodkatrain (summer- and winter tours)

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